June 15

Bonetti Cutting Solutions expands

Bonetti Cutting Solutions expands its range of saws high productivity launching EVO ALU 545, born from the basis of a successful and good designed band saw machine like the EVO 720 ALU, the progenitor of the species, is a band saw that encloses 25years of experience in the high speed cutting of aluminium alloys.

"It 'a machine aimed at the future," says Antonio Bonetti, CEO of Bonetti Cutting Solutions, he avails itself of the close collaboration of the leading manufacturers of band saw blades in order to take advantage of the new technologies applied to the materials of the tools of the last generation.

The EVO545 ALU has been designed specifically to fit the newest carbide blades with reduced kerf, recently put on the market, is therefore the only band saw capable of exploiting all kinds of tools, even those that require extremely rigid machines and vibration-free .

Designers have succeeded to optimize the life of the tool until reaching an impressive result of 2000 m2 of cuts-per-blade, equal to 10.000 cuts on a bar of D.510mm, then dividing the cost of the tool joined to the costs of machine management, we reach a record value of 0.05 €/cent for cut.

The EVO ALU 545 is able to pay for itself in a very short time thanks to the impressive cutting feed achievable, and to the very low consumption of lubricants. All this combined with the extensive tool life and the very interesting price with which the machine is put on the market, made the EVO 545 the best buy for every aluminium service centre and stock holder.

This new saw, concentrate of proven technologies over more than 20years, complements a range of cutting machines dedicated to the traders of metals and light alloys that want to stay competitive in the market by lowering prices of their warehouse management, going to provide material in a very short time and with almost zero operating costs.

The time-to-market is now one of the most important factors to consider for make the right stock and, to reduce the value of the stored material, is an additional source of income to be considered carefully.

A cutting department versatile and fast in processing orders is the key to success that allows a center of servants cut modern rhyme competitive on the market, why Bonetti has decided to build a full range of reliable solutions to enable its clients to stay competitive market increasing profits.

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